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EDIT (June 16, 2010): People. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE ACCUSING ME OF "STEALING" MY OWN WORK ON YOUTUBE. I submited this youtube video. It is uploaded on my youtube account.


Sorry this has no preloader.. I dunno how to make one XD; there is sound but no voice acting because I don't want to ruin the movie ^^; I suck at voice acting. Anyways this is my FIRST flash movie ever! (I'm a Flash newbie) In the begininng I was playing around with the program so the timing is off (also in the rest of the movie) It's not really animated.. it's kinda like.. a comic or storyboard I guess.. well some parts I tried to animate it but I failed. The only tools I know how to use are the layers, timeline and paintbrush tools. Each drawing.. I could of done better, but I am lazy so they're all doodles XD Well I found out that flash is fun to work with! It's quite time consuming but it's fun ... and hard. I need to know how all the good flash artists make their animations so smooth T__T Well it's my first flash and I hope to learn more in the future so i can make more of these XD.. Enjoy!

-I used Flash MX 2004 to make this "animation".
-I'm not capable to teach you to animate and use flash. I also don't have the time so please don't ask ^^; (I also haven't used flash in 2 years so I forgot everything XD)
-Yes, I did this whole flash FRAME BY FRAME. (I'm a n00b)
-Uh, this IS my first flash ever. I've never learned/played around with it before so I started with this flash. That's why the beginning is all.. choppy and.. crappy.. XD
Note: Me and ~Eddz came up with Red Link's personality. He isn't really greedy and force gem loving in the games. So many people think that for some reason... XD

Edit: disabled comments because I don't have the time to read them all :P
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June 18, 2005
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